Malkah Job – Romance Spy Fiction Novel

Queen Messiah Leda Is Here!

Epic romance spy fiction novel about Queen Messiah Leda, elusive celestial being – tool of God, in a vortex of love, sex, espionage, and death.

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Malkah Job

Leda, called Ice, is a Jewess, an ex-ballerina, master of martial arts and psychological manipulation, sharp thinker, humorous, and a contract hitwoman, spying for Mossad and the Reds.

She is a fatal blonde and seductress, a friend of orthodox priests, rabbis, princes, presidents, possessing extraordinarily sensual and explosive libido on the edge of nymphomania.

She heads to rescue her husband and the father of their children from Russians, who made him a Manchurian candidate, and slowly discovers that her mission is much larger than this.

Leda is actually a true Malkah Moshiach (Queen Messiah) Hebrews have been waiting for thousands of years. Signs are pointing to her; she is the leader and warrior, a mystic and transcendent being who enchants everybody she met and upon whom the world’s future depends.

She stole secret documents about the Iranian global threat, wanted by Mossad and the CIA. While she runs from the Reds, under Taliban fatwa, she makes a deep connection with her army of men.

She analyzes her feelings about her beloved Daddy – a Russian oligarch, and other lovers – a Nato general and her bodyguard. How much is she willing to sacrifice their lives or retire because of love?

Editorial review

This book does not offer the instant thrill of the carousel and shiny lights of the blockbusters, but it demands from the reader concentration and dedication.
It is like an avalanche forming from a snowflake.
The reward is when you are pulled into the mesmerizing world of intrigue, espionage, and Judaism, where nothing is as it seems at first sight, and you are freed from banality, false morality, and political correctness of the modern world.
New insights are revealed each time the book is read, each time on a more mystique level.

To know Leda and her mission is to read between layers of action and love veils, to examine one’s own ethics, morality, and values,
to stand in awe in front of divine beauty and tremble in front of the horrendous killer. This is divine nature, and this is our nature too.
It happens gradually, just like in real life; you must dedicate time and effort to know someone.

Leda is a mirror of all of us, and everybody has a light and dark side in themselves, even if they don’t want to admit that.

Style is vivid, dense, rich, sharp but does not bother the reader with unimportant decorations and tedious descriptions,
and at the same time, it offers the vast possibility to learn new things and expand own views. On the other hand, it almost seems autobiographic because the narrator does not bother to ask permission from her characters when to speak.

Fundamental movers of the human race have always been sex and death, and in this book, you will have plenty of both of it. But you will have more than that – the epic love story that will shake you to the core.
If you let Leda enter your heart once, she will never leave you again. You will be her pawn, and she will be your queen, and together you will start the final Tikkun Olam – repairing the world.
And the Almighty? He is smiling at Leda.

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Malkah Job is a slow-burning thriller in which an Israeli spy has erotic encounters with men from her past.

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